Our Wedding Party

Meredith McKenna

Josh's Best Woman

Joshua’s Best Woman and ride or die, Grace to his Will, has a doctorate in instagram, lover of all dogs, sixth sense for estate sales, style icon, target endcap enthusiast, always down for a cherry dip.

Brendon Elliott

Michael's Best Man

Michael’s best man and brother (from another mother), entrepreneur, Harley riding, all American, fun loving, can sell ice to an Eskimo, master of all things New England sports.

Sandra Narciso


The first of the Narciso siblings, Super mom to a pair of incredible boys, pun enthusiast (if you know any good ones, send them her way), llama lover, possibly a bigger Janet fan than Joshua, always there to lend a helping hand.

Amanda Narciso


The baby of the Narciso sibling clan, a true dancing machine, young business owner, goal achiever, positive vibes always, actual queen (oh hey Miss Massachusetts 2013)

Kevin DaRosa


Hype man, one of Joshua’s best friends, greatest laugh, member of #TeamMonkeys, always down to cause (or find) trouble, has never turned down an extra shot for $1, will defend you till the death.

Stephen Gaskin


One of Joshua’s groomsmen, the definition of a best friend, the final member of #TeamMonkeys, YOLO expert, adventure enthusiast, masters in martinis, always DTR (down to rangoon), Rhode Island’s sweetheart ;)

Jessica Warren


The first of 5 Warren sisters, she is the mother of two awesome kids (my first nephew and first niece!), Island dweller, lipstick enthusiast and selfie extraordinaire.

Alyssa Reis


The second Warren sister, the mother of two perfect curly-haired beauties, brilliant photographer, dog lover and knitting aficionado.

Brianne Brady


Warren sister #3, mother of 3 sweet kiddos, the literal Dairy Queen, doesn’t even like cheese on her pizza (what the heck), terrible at telling funny stories (but in an endearing way).

Ashley Warren


Warren sister #4 (Michael’s honorary twin), mother of hilarious twins, corny joke expert, awesome dog mother and party planning professional

Olivia Callan


The 6th and final sibling, brilliant student at Curry college, obsessed with knitting and her dog Molly, up and coming professional photographer.

Jaclyn Clifford


Michael’s partner in crime, animal activist, vegan, phenomenal artist, best gym companion, fights b*tches (ok fine, just competitively in a ring).

Tracy Duguay


Michael’s high school prom date, former subway sandwich artist, singer, teacher, triathlete, dachshund mom, the girl who has time to whip up a homemade mango salsa, teach a spin class, run 4 miles and still meet you at the beach for 9AM.

Paul Conroy


Michael and Josh’s great friend, self-declared to have began their romance. Passionate about Bette, Bethenny, Celine and Carrie. Can really “work it” to Missy (he even nails the Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup). Enjoys a classy white wine spritzer. Slowly puts on lip gloss.
Shirley Lin Schneider